Call For Artsits

Guest Artist Wall

There is a myriad of talent in our region, with very few places of outlet for this creativity. If you are desperate to get your work out here, but cannot afford a place of your own, we are here to help!

We are inviting local Artists and Photographers (Yorkshire) to rent a space on our walls to allow them to sell their own work.

How does it work?

Spaces are 70cm x 50cm and start at just £20 per month, in advance. You can rent as little as one space or buy more space depending on your needs. You can show whatever you like in that space, and keep all proceeds from any sales. You must though supply your own art and frames etc.

All sizes: 70cm x 50cm and you can rent as many spaces as you like.

Premium Window space: £35 month

Premium Wall Space £25 per month

Other wall space: £25 per month


Drop lance an E mail or call in to the shop to discuss taking up this fabulous opportunity.


Lance and Team.