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Lance Burkitt

Lance is a creative image maker and educator, a photographer and a master of light and dark.

He employs a multi-layered approach to his projects, creating a style of work which allows the viewer to be immersed in what he has experienced himself when creating a photograph, whether part of a personal project or client work.

Lance is a master of photography, encompassing digital editing and retouching, he also continues to work with traditional film processes, predominantly medium format.

With over a decade of experience creating both personal and client work, his work is widely published and exhibited.

He is a qualified teacher and holds a Master of the Arts degree in Photography.

Alongside his photographic practice, he specializes in teaching creative photography, encompassing both traditional and digital techniques, along with high end digital image editing and film making.

As well as lecturing at University level, Lance also holds regular studio and location workshops.

The work available to purchase here is here is a small selection from his personal project

Contact Lance: | or social media @burkittphoto



Lewis Burkitt

Lewis is an emerging and highly talented 3D and 4D creative and motion graphics designer. He is currently studying A levels with a view to attending university to hone his creative talents. His work contains a narrative approach, with dreams capes and illusory elements which invoke the viewer to question his work.

You can follow Lewis on Instagram @burkitt3D

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Bethany Applegate

Beth is an emerging and extremely creative artist and illustrator. She is currently studying UAL extended diploma in Art and Design with a view to attending university to hone her creative talents. As a specialist illustrator, she has a natural ability to create and animate narrative and character in all of her pieces.

You can follow Beth on Instagram at @chickenonchacid

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Lauren Thompson

Lauren is an illustrator born and based in Rotherham, UK. She works with mixed media supplies including, pen, pencil and watercolour, for its simplicity, delicacy and power to evoke a mindfulness that is hard to find in modern society. Her subject matter is greatly based on a feminine aesthetic, using the female face as my base and creating the building blocks surrounding this to illustrate a story that she is trying to tell.

Whilst Lauren makes no attempt to portray realism within her work, she does endeavour to recreate the lines and fundamentals of the human face.

Lauren is a great believer in exploring her boundaries within art, experimenting with different mediums, techniques and subject matter to create something new and exciting. She refuses to conform to a general type or style of artwork and feels that by exploring different subject matter, it can help us to understand a world most people would take for granted.

You can follow Lauren on social media at: Instagram:  @little.detailed.treasures


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